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  •  Scientific wonder doesn't equal religion (none)
    Kudos to this diary that finds wonder in a zebrafish!

    I was raised in the Christian tradition, so I did spend my younger years kind of awestruck in contemplation of the heavenly hosts and their dominions. That was fun, but eventually my reason matured.

    Now I find all kinds of cool reactions - like awe, wonder, being thunderstruck - in the work of men and women exploring the cosmos and microcosmos.  No, I'm not completely without 'spirituality' over these things, but I know enough to understand that its quality is ineffable.  It certainly doesn't guide my political choices.

    I continue to wonder why people can't get the words "We don't know" out of their mouths when contemplating the origin of life and/or the universe.  Must be that homo sapien hubris thing.

    How boring.

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