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  •  You don't really want all the details, do you? (4.00)
    Doubling or halving would be a serious problem, but that's not what's being debated in the scientific community. The divergence between protostomes and deuterostomes has a clear upper boundary fixed by the paleontological evidence: about 550 million years ago. There is active research into the molecular evidence (I wrote about it recently here) which is more difficult and has deficiencies in the data set -- deficiencies that will be corrected as more genomic data from diverse species pours in -- and we are well aware of the uncertainties. Science is a process of progressive refinement that converges on a best answer. The lower bound of the time of the last common ancestor of insects and people is still in a grey area, but 600 million years plus or minus looks like where it's going to end up.
    •  wow! (none)
      I just got bafflegabbed. :-)
      •  time is just one element of (none)
        ...evolution that demands that I have faith in best guesses or conclusions or the scholarship that has been repeatedly edited over time, with the last best guess unceremoniously dismissed as if it were never presented as irrefutable fact itself.  My faith and acceptance of science and your faith and acceptance of religion is not what is at stake.  I do accept that you present many interesting ideas.  How interesting is the idea of God to you.  Do you really want to know the details?
        •  latest science isn't (none)
          irrefutable fact, and what you learn about scientific explanations in school should not be presented so baldly, either.

          Science is a process as the good professor said in the interview.

          This does not mean that well-established science is as trivial as speculation, but it also does not mean that better explanations are impossible as the process of science proceeds and more data is available.

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