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View Diary: The Ethic of (Ir)Responsibility (238 comments)

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  •  Nice job, DHinMI (and Weber)! (none)
    Wow! Great prose and insightful ideas from both of you, D and W! I really like the idea of using this framework - ethics of responsibility vs. ethics of ultimate ends - to get beyond the quagmires that discussions so often degenerate into.

    I frequently see discussions bog down as follows: Someone says "Person/group A is to blame/thank for result Z." Then someone counters, "No, person/group B is to blame/thank for result Z." This is answered by "No, it's person/group C who's really to blame/thank for result Z." I wish people could realize that to get beyond this, we need to understand that multiple people/groups can be responsible for a given result, but that each person/group should take charge of (and responsibility for) his/her/its own actions. They should also understand how their actions influence and are influenced by the other people involved, and they should work together whenever possible.

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