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  •  The problem with this analysis (none)
    lies in the fact that the hamburger group is convinced that, if they expand the menu as requested, the cheeseburger people will label them crazy PETA-loving vegetarians, and, unfair as it is, some of their group will defect to the cheeseburger side.  They correctly argue that they have removed the cheese and the coke, and added juice, and they don't understand why you won't give them credit for it.  Further, they assure you that they also want to serve salad and green tea, and that they will always be looking for a safe moment to add it to the menu.

    And, to make this analogy more fair, you are also demanding they everyone be served salad and green tea at the government's expense, even if they don't think they need it and will only throw it away.

    •  you lost me (none)
      but all of a sudden i'm really hungry.

      People are terrible. They can bear anything.

      by soulfrieda on Fri Feb 27, 2004 at 05:06:41 PM PST

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    •  But if you're (none)
      convinced that if some of us don't start eating at least a little bit of salad and drinking a little bit of green tea now, we will all die only a tiny bit more slowly than if we all become cheesyburgerites, and the hambergerists are listening more to the cheesyburgerites who are willing to skip the cheese if they can have fries than they are to the saladists.  Plus the salad and green tea costs much less than the cheese and adding it to the burger menu more than pays for itself by the reduced consumption of burgers, ice cream and juice, not to mention the reduction in the amount of maalox everybody is consuming.  
      •  wow (none)
        I am now thoroughly confused and looking for a cow to slaughter.
        •  Actually "Dean Democrats" (none)
          wanted to hold the burger, make the bun smaller with whole wheat, serve a little real VT cheese and not that processed glop, bake the potato, add a bit of cooked brocoli and asparagus, add the salad and green tea, can live with the juice although nutritionally it gives little bang for the calories it contains, and do enjoy occasionally topping it off with a bit of Ben & Jerry's.

          And I know better today than I did in 2000 just how hungry I am.  

      •  Ah, but no one understands (none)
        what we just wrote but us.  So they will only pelt us with salad and green tea because we are obviously ivory tower nutjobs, and they will go off and vote for the cheeseburger-heads.  Now we've achieved nothing AND we're covered with food.

        I don't know what the answer IS, but I know Bush is not it, and he has to go!!  If we were running against a McCain, or even a Dole, I might say, what the hell... punish the Dems.  But against Bush?  No way.

        •  That's why real conversations (none)
          are always between only two people.

          If I were as sure as you are that in twelve years will be in worse shape if we first have four more years of cheeseburgers (with the Coke likely laced with arsenic or maybe some strychnine (sp?)) and whatever follows for the next eight years than we would be with four or eight years of Kerry with whatever follows him for four or eight years, then I could more easily vote for Kerry.  Unfortunately, I tend to think that we might be in better shape today if GHB had remained in office for a second term.  The Newtlet takeover of the House would have been harder to accomplish and the deficits would have remained so high that by 1996, DEMs could have critiqued the GOP more credibly -- BTW it was Perot and not Clinton who framed the deficit debate in 1992.  GHB never had his heart in the rightwing and would not have felt any great need to pander to them in his second term.  Maybe even TX would have held onto Ann Richards in 1994 if they didn't want to put too much power into the hands of a single family.
          GWB in a second term will so thoroughly trash the GOP that maybe we could take back Congress and kick them out of DC for twenty years like we did back in 1932.  Americans tend not to act until things are really bad, but when they do, they will have given the DEMs a mandate.  Short of that it will be more of the Clinton years, weaving and bobbing and appeasing the right wing.  The silent majority is speaking and until DEMs listen, this same GOP/DEM dance will just go round and round slowing moving to the right side of the ballroom.

    •  Actually, (none)
      I would argue that over the last 20 years or so they actually took the salad off the menu completely and are pissed at us that we are complaining about it.

      But the analogy is silly.  Basically, the Dems are moving to the right and are saying "But at least we are less to the right then the wackos who keep getting elected."  So what.  I'm veggie, and I ain't buying a hamburger, so put the salad back on the menu, or my hunger will be quenched elsewhere.

      I represent the democratic wing of the democratic party.

      Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. Plato

      by Bokonon on Fri Feb 27, 2004 at 06:52:48 PM PST

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