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  •  The argument is only that (none)
    we knew 40% would stay home... they always do.  Nader knew it, too.  Maybe a really scintillating, inspiring candidate could've gotten some of them to the polls, but we could all look at Gore and see he wasn't that guy.  In the week or two leading up to the election, it became increasingly obvious that Nader was likely to make the difference in some swing states, and, when you took him out of the equation, Gore won those states (in polls).  The polls proved remarkably accurate.

    You know, alot of Nader's friends and long-time supporters extracted a promise from him early that he would not campaign in swing states.  They were angry when he broke that promise.  Why are Nader's broken promises more forgivable than anyone else's?  Because, whether or not you think it was a fair or wise promise, it was one he made.

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