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  •  Ralph Nader has an ego! (none)
    Holy cow! Alert the media! A politician has a big ego!

    This post - and I hate to be critical because I'm a fan of Weber - would have more significance if having an ego the size of the national debt wasn't a prerequisite for being a presidential candidate.  Are you telling me John Edwards and [J.F.K]erry don't have monumental egos?

    Bill Clinton has virtually abandoned his party, preferring to sympathize with the tough job George Bush has rather than fight the GOP shit machine.  The guy is a poster boy for narcissism.  

    Presidential politics is a classic example of game theory.  We each must calculate the risks and rewards of our choices.  Nader voters, by and large, are not any less pragmatic than mainstream voters.  They simply have made different calculations.  

    BTW, picking Kerry invited Nader to run.  That is a fact.  Kerry supporters knew that in advance and yet (in fit of idealism?) chose their guy anyway.  That's not pragmatism that's idealism.  Although, I would question what ideals are being valued.  It sounds more like selling out for the sake of selling out.

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