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  •  I think this is aimed at me (none)
    First, I voted for Al Gore in 2000.

    Second, I wasn't trying to say "Democrats did it too". Of course they did. A bunch of them voted for Nader. That was sort of the point of this whole diatribe, wasn't it?

    I was trying to say that looking to cast blame (sorry, "responsibility") is pointless, when there were so many causes.

    The only state that Nader "cost" Gore was NH. Gore won FL. If that had been counted right, Gore won the 2000 EC vote. Same result for all of the other issues I pointed out.

    •  Costs (none)
      Nader, by campaigning in just about every targeted state (which he promised he wouldn't) cost Gore millions of dollars.  Gore had to spend tons of money in WA, OR, MN, WI and NM to protect what should have been safe wins (in almost all of them the combined Gore/Nader vote was far north of 50%).  That money, staff and candidate time could have been more productively spent in NH, OH, MO, AZ, AR and TN, any one of which would have tipped the election toward Gore even without a victory in FL.  
      •  Can you clear this up for me? (none)
        Unless I'm reading this dataincorrectly, Al Gore still had $12M cash on hand at the end of the 2000 campaign.

        In any event, I find it hard to believe that Nader's $8M was what cost Gore TN. He blew that one all on his own.

        Again, I didn't vote for Nader in 2000. But I think this is a radical oversimplification of what happened that year.

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