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  •  Ok....but tell me what you do. (3.00)

    Some people agree with you.  Some of my best friends best agree with you.  However, they are the ones, and they are numerous, who sit back and wipe themselves off after the Republicans and Nader pee all over them.

    I started getting angry when Reagan became president, Bush and Quayle were jokes but this Bush and how low the Republican Party has gone, requires us to fight them the way they fight us.  I don't want to take the high road until the high road is where we meet in negotiation.  I'm tired of the Republicans crocodile tears when we fight back, i.e. the Wellstone Memorial.

    Attacking Nader, one of the worst human beings alive, is what I do and what I believe in with all my heart.  I believe in fighting injustice and that's what I'm about.  I believe it's important that there is a tsunami drowning him out of American politics.  He's an incredible liar, he's a Democrat attacking other Democrats and his lies were believed by our most vulnerable, those who never voted before.

    I think unless we attack back, we will be the slaves of the egos of Nader, Limbaugh and the rest of the scum that has overtaken our lives.  We have to be as tough as nails and angry so that our representatives in Washington know that we're behind them.  We want them to be angry and for them to fight.  Honestly, I'd much rather them be doing the attacking instead of people like me.  I've been doing this for four years and I hope that I've added something to the karma against the Republicans and Nader but I wish I didn't have to do this at all.  I don't like what it does to me sometimes but hey, someone has to do it.

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who sees politics in America is a war against greed, lies and criminal hypocrisy.  My acidic and angry words are only words.  How can I be stepping over the line when every single day we here that imbecile in the White House determining how we will live our lives?  Who the f__k cares what he thinks about gay marriage or stem cell research?  

    Doesn't that make you angry?  Tell me what you do to fight off the Republicans and Nader. Maybe you're doing something more productive or maybe you've found a better way to help us demand change.  I'm willing to change and I welcome criticism but if you do criticize, you have to tell me another way to get rid of the Republicans, their lies, their hypocrisy and their "paid for" Ralph Nader.  Tell me please!

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