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    I know what you are saying, but sometimes I wonder if there is another option.  It seems to me that the Republicans over the last 25 years or so actually became more conservative then they had been pre-1980, and actually have gained more power since then.  Is it possible that simply by sticking to their awful positions they have inspired turnout and created converts to their party?  I think so, and so I wonder if it is important at some point for the democrats to reinvent themselves a bit (DEAN!!!!), come out and stand on their issues and perhaps inspire those so-called centrists to switch to their side not by pandering to them but by making it clearer what and why they stand for something and allowing the people to decide if they think they are good things (which I feel like they often would anyway).  Lead, lead lead, as you said.

    I'm still up in the air about whether or not to even vote for Kerry in the general (I'm in PA and I'm still voting for Dean on the 29th).  Still pretty angry and kind of bitter about how the whole thing has played out, and I really don't feel like I can trust him.  I actually don't think that he can even beat Bush running around saying to people that he was duped by him either.  So I'm left wondering if it's important to just not vote for him so that it forces the democrats to really think long and hard about ignoring the people they really represent and the issues that they (supposedly) really stand for.  And instead of telling us to just shutup and fall in line because this is politics and so-on, that they either become replaced by us within the party or they die out because a new party arises that actually works for and represents something.  Ever read the democratic party's official platform?  It's so vague and full of corporate-speak that it really makes me wonder what it is that they stand for anymore.  It feels like things didn't really move much in any direction under 8 full years of Clinton, so should I really vote for someone that isn't going to help the causes that I work for anyway?  One of the prospects that strikes me as almost as bad as four more years of Bush is that if Kerry wins this time around, he will be the presumptive nominee in 2008, and the party will end up continuing to believe that it's heading in the "right" direction if they are able to win the general election.

    Sigh.  It's a rotten bunch of choices by the looks of it.  I guess I still have to research Kerry more (been avoiding it because it makes me a bit queasy thinking about it), and I guess I hold out hope that he is not as bad as he has always seemed to me.  Oh well.  What is lefty to really do these days?

    Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. Plato

    by Bokonon on Sat Feb 28, 2004 at 07:26:05 PM PST

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      and I can tell you I can't stand Kerry but I'll still vote for him. And I'm a member of Cambridge for Dean, by the way, and we are (as a group) asking people to vote "three times for dean" in the primary to try to send delegates to the national convention. I think the republicans have moved farther to the right--whether pulled by their far right wing or because of some natural attraction of horrors I don't know. I do know that if the left/liberal wing of the democratic party could get its act together they would be the democratic party. If they had as many serious voters/donators on the left wing as the right has on its far right wing the left would be a catered to, groomed part of the democratic party. But, almost by definition, people who are liberal are hard to organize. We don't all belong to churches. We don't all share the same beliefs and we can't easily be organized/manipulated (simply because there arent' that many common locations/times that we are all together). Its something we are going to have to work on little by little. I tend to think of things like taking over school boards, making linkages with people who don't think of themselves as voters or who don't think of themselves as liberals,. Its going to be a long, long process and it is one in which the democratic party hierarchy is as much our enemy as the republican party hierarchy. But keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


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