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View Diary: Dems "Theme" Is Ludicrous (80 comments)

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  •  We need a Luntz... (4.00)
    ...who has not sold his soul to Satan.

    Someone to dump the wordiness.

     "Under Republican guidance, America has truly been put up for sale to the highest bidder..."  

    Good start. But tighten it: Republican American is for sale to the highests bidder.

    ... "Sadly, the legacy of Republican rule has been the fundamental degradation of our democratic institutions and the abandonment of our core principles," there a sale on big words? And give me concrete images, like: "*Today, America tortures. And Bush says laws don't matter--he does what he wants. The laws are for sale anyway. They might as well be on Ebay. In 5 short years, what have we become? What does our flag stand for? Is this how America ends, not with a battle, but sinking into a sanctimonious cesspool of Republican corruption?"

    •  That's what I'm getting too (none)
      The language they use is dead. This is so basic. This is communication 101. I keep thinking whatever the Dems are paying their pollsters/advisors, the Republicans have to be paying them double. What else explains what we see.

      Although it doesn't apply to all Truths, there are some basic social truths that can be said clearly and concisely. Everything they say leaves you feeling like there's a heavy passive object sitting in the room, rather than a swirl of energy and possibilities in the air.

    •  I am that man.... (4.00)
      For general theme:
      * I am my brother's keeper
      It covers everything we are about.

      Other memes

      • Republicans: We can't afford them anymore
      • No Berlin wall on the American border.

      "What luck for rulers that men do not think." - Adolf Hitler

      by Bensdad on Sat Jan 07, 2006 at 08:49:21 PM PST

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      •  The winner so far (none)
        "Republicans: We can't afford them anymore"

        That's one with a hundred Can't Affords you can itemize: their running our military into the ground; their plundering the treasury; writing the laws to payback their friends; indulge their fantasies; attack the Middle Class; lose more cities; ship more jobs overseas;

        This is the kind of thing I knew was out there in the reality-based community.

      •  I think (none)
        Both of your secondary memes are really bad, because they both point to the idea that we are one people and nation with Mexico which I think most Americans would fundamentally reject.

        The Berlin wall divided a nation with hundreds of years old traditions, government, language and cultural ties.  There really is no analog to those ties with Mexico & the US.

        Secondly, even amoung Democrats there is going to be an anti-illegal immigrant backlash.  Most Americans do believe there is a negative impact from millions of illegal immigrants coming across the border each year.  And that type of sentiment will be reflected (and has started to be) in the representatives sent to Congress.

        •  OK, but you got them for free! (none)
          ...and I would add that it occurred to me, while I was listening to Randi Rhodes talk about these walls the other day on Air America, that they are being sold to keep people out. However, they can also be used to keep people in.

          They are literally poised to pour GABILLIONS into building these things, while they won't build one little levee around New Orleans (price tag, a few billion).

          I think Democrats need to focus on linking the levee and the walls.

          "What luck for rulers that men do not think." - Adolf Hitler

          by Bensdad on Sat Jan 07, 2006 at 09:15:11 PM PST

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          •  ok! (none)
            However, they can also be used to keep people in.
            Well, only the poor.  It can keep the poor in or out, but realistically, it can't keep Americans in.

            Second, about spending, it's just a matter of political will.

            Say what you will about Bush and his construction plan or lack of plan around New Orleans, but the fact is that when we have the political will shit gets built.  When we don't, it waffles, it takes decades, etc.

      •  this one's my favorite in this diary (none)
        Republicans: We can't afford them anymore.
    •  Don't need a luntz, you got a Dean.... (none)
      Dean has some of the best one-liners around.

      ....... take our country back!

      If it talks like an R, VOTES like an R, it is an R even if it has a D after its name.

      by dkmich on Sun Jan 08, 2006 at 02:49:51 AM PST

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    •  Or take a leaf from Star Wars... (none)
      "My allegiance is to the Republic, not the Empire."

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