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View Diary: Politics is turning my rightwing dad against me. Advice? (271 comments)

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  •  My stragy with a winger relative (none)
    I realized a couple years ago (yeah, it took me a really long time) that my older brother simply was not going to be interested in facts when in came to politics.  He loves to argue, and loves to win even more.  He is pretty good at arguing and uses lots of the techniques he's picked up from hate radio, which I find odious.  He is really not interested in learning new things or changing his mind at all, and he gets pretty defensive and aggressive when I have presented evidence of Bushco wrongdoing.  I dislike this kind of thing and we have agreed to disagree.  He still sends me stuff via email with an innocent, "what do you think of this?" attached from time to time.  I usually just delete.

    I spent time with him on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Both times we avoided politics but eventually he would bring up something -- not at the federal level, but still a libs vs conservatives kind of thing.  I just kept my mouth shut and nodded like a moron.

    I heard from my younger brother that my older brother has recently praised me for "coming around."  He now thinks I'm a conservative.  Whatever...  I enjoyed my time with the people at the gatherings and had no indigestion.  My situation is different from yours Nutmegger, as you seem to want a relationship with your dad.  I continue to relate to my brother because my son likes the family contact.  Otherwise, I doubt we'd cross paths much at all.  So maybe it's easier for me to engage with him on a non-authentic level than it would be for you with your dad.  I know I could not act the way I do with my brother with someone I had a genuine connection with.  It's very, very superficial, and not too satisfying.  Our views on nearly everything are different, and I think the political differences are actually pretty fundamental to that.

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