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View Diary: Politics is turning my rightwing dad against me. Advice? (271 comments)

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  •  As someone who was once in the same shoes, (none)
    I feel for you.  

    You gave your father the right advice, that you should both avoid talking politics.

    Since he wants to disregard that, here's what you should tell him.  FUCK YOU.

    Seriously.  He's trying to control you, and you seem way past the age of needing controlling advice from Daddy.

    It will stop ONLY when he learns to respect you, and from what you're saying, he doesn't.

    BTW, I said that to my father, finally.  It took a little while, but he finally learned that I was my own person, and he had to respect me for what I am.  We ended up great friends, btw.  And he actually saw the light about Bush.  

    Good luck!  

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