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  •  party politics aren't enough.... (4.00)
    Fear is what stifles the speech of our leaders

    for some, this is certainly true..... but, sadly, i don't think it describes the problem with most of our political leaders.

    i think it is time that "we the people" wake up and recognize that when push comes to shove most of our (D and R) political class's loyalty is to themselves and eachother - AHEAD of their loyalty to us.

    looking for a leader who will "save us" is as fruitless as some on the right's desire for bush to "save them" from the terrorists.

    we are not children in search of a daddy to take care of us... and it's time we all grow up.  the people who need courage are us - "we the people".

    •  Status Quo party politics . . . (none)
      aren't enough.

      Party politics can be about more than looking for a leader/savior/daddy.

      Party politics can be a way "we the people" organize.

      Howard Dean is moving us in that direction.

      Would 70,000 Kassack boots on the ground not make a difference?

      •  absolutely! (none)
        but please note the "howard dean is moving us in that direction"... just so long as YOU are  the party and NOT dean (as much as i've come to respect what he's doing!)

        i just think that a large and engaged social movement would HELP the party change (in a good way).... and changes in party politics could help energize social movement action..

        synergy, my friend!

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