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  •  Filibuster, yes! (4.00)
    It's the perfect opportunity for Democrats to show the sort of backbone and fire-in-the-belly that moderates want to see!  It's the best single way we have to win them over.

    The moderates will not vote for the sort of political milquetoast that the Democratic Party has consistently offered before Dean took over.

    Principle is on our side; now, it's a matter of taking the fight to Bush, Rove and the Republican machine.

    The people will notice and respond, but it must be forceful, truthful, in-your-face, and CONSISTENT at every turn...

    •  End of the Republic (none)
      In my opinion, the Alito vote could be the last test of the Constitution.  If the Dems fail to block this man, they are ceding this nation to tyrants more brutal than Tom Payne's and Sam Adams' worst nightmares.

      Remember the e-mail that swept the nation after the 2000 election was stolen, urging that not a single federal judicial nominee put forward by this administration be confirmed?  As we all know, the Dems decided not to obstruct the third branch of government, and many neo-con nominees have gone forward.

      The nation wants this one, Alito, stopped.  No imperial presidency, no surrender of checks and balances, no abandonment of the Bill of Rights.  Harry Reid, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

      Georgia10, you speak for all of us.  Good column by Bob Kuttner in the Globe, too:

      Alito epitomizes everything dangerous about George W. Bush. Unlike Bush, he would not be gone in three years. With some leadership and profiles in courage, we may yet be spared an extremist high court.

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