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  •  Be the change you want to see . . . (none)
    in the party. The Democratic party is already changing via Dean's bots on the ground and gras roots party.

    People (myself included) too often buy into the idea that the party is something remote and distant.

    If you believe that, then it will be.

    But if you join and meet with others, face to face, and do party grunt work you might find see things differently.

    "The Democrats" do not have to be the Democrats currently in office.

    This site has 70,000 people from across the nation. That's more than all of the precinct captains in the party, I'll wager.

    Who will save the government if not us?

    The Democratic party is a structure waiting to be taken over, to be "subverted from within," by you and me.

    It's easier, IMO, to take over an existing structure than it is to create a new one.

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