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View Diary: Dean sets Wolf straight (240 comments)

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  •  This was good (none)
    but Dean's comment concerning South America was not... I guess you take what you get, 1 foot in mouth for 1 good shot.
    •  The statement about Latin America..... (none)
      while being poorly considered and lame was just one topic he tripped on. I wasn't happy about it either but nobody's perfect.

      But this....this is beautiful! Wolfie threw a screw-ball at him and Deano just smacked it out of the park!

      Good stuff.

      •  What did Dean say about Latin America? (none)
        •  Transcript from CNN has the entire interview (none)

          Here's the part re: Latin America:

          DEAN: We're going in the wrong direction, economically, at home; we're going in the wrong direction abroad.

          Look at what's happening in Latin America. This president, while saying that he wants to further democracy and capitalism, is driving people in the opposite direction.

          We need real leadership in this country and we don't have it right now.

          BLITZER: Are you blaming the president on the elections in Bolivia or on the elections in Venezuela? Is that what you're saying?

          DEAN: We had an enormous opportunity, when this president took office, and he said he was going to reach out to Latin America. Instead, he has turned them off. He's been high-handed with them; he's rejected them.

          He's ignored the economic plight of their folks. And so, we're getting something that I think most Americans wish we didn't have, which is left-leading regimes in these places. We need a president who will work constructively and cooperatively with our allies around the world so that we really can move capitalism and democracy further into the world and not turn off people. When you turn people off, as the most powerful nation in the world, they are obviously going to do something that is not in our best interest. And that's exactly what's going on right now.

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