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  •  Someone Explain- "Feingold returns funds... (none)
    Feingold To Return Donations Linked To Abramoff Firm

    I don't think there was any wrong doing here but I know the republicans and/or media will spin this against the democrats because of these returns.  Here is the link to the story from wisc-tv madison,wi....

    Did other democrats return funds as well?

    •  $1600 from 2 individuals and a pac associated (none)
      with a lobbying firm associated at some level with Abramoff. I don't think that makes Dean a liar. Do you?
      •  no (none)
        I love Dean and I love what he said because it is right on.  Nevertheless, I always try to look for the loop holes in everything or "argue the otherside" in order to know what to say when debating a republican on the issues.  That's why I asked for the explanation.  I understand the story now.  It was interesting because I was at the town hall meeting where feingold talked about the scandal and he never mentioned returning any funds for any reason.  
    •  It's just Abramoff's former law firm (none)
      Greenberg Taurig is the law firm that once employed Abramoff and Scanlon. When the WaPo published it's first story about Abramoff's questionable dealings, the firm fired him.

      Greenberg Taurig is well-connected, establishment law firm, not some operation that Abramoff himself controlled (like his own lobbying firm). They even did work for Bush-Cheney during the 2000 recount.

      There's a good story on them in today's NYTimes

      •  Thanks for the explanation (none)
        I needed to know because the story in the news was misleading.  I hate the word 'associated' because it needs a supporting sentence to tell how it was associated and the media leaves that out.  When I saw Feingold at a town hall meeting the same day the story broke in the msm, he mentioned that the scandal or those "associated" with the scandal was 90% republican and 10% democrat.  He was generous on the 10% democrat.  I knew it was going to break and that night it did.  
      •  I have a partner who might have made contributions (none)
        to republican candidates. So what, it is his right.

        What the K Street Project tried to change was the culture that said a law firm needed to be connected with both parties to insure continued influence. The K Street Project was a blantant attempt to tell lobbyists that they should only deal with Republicans. The Republican party was open for business.

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