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  •  Flat-Out Wrong (4.00)
    Receiving money from lobbyists isn't the issue, as receiveing money from lobbysist is perfectly legal.

    The issue is that Republican Jack Abramoff essentially stole millions of dollars from certain Indian tribes under the guise of lobbying for their legal right to operate casinos. Republican members of Congress are implicated in performing official duties in exchange for some of this money (i.e taking bribes) from Abramoff.

    Not only has Republican Jack Abramoff already has pleaded guilty to trying to bribe members of Congress, he's pleaded guilty to additional charges related to the illegal aquisition of SunCruz cruise lines.

    There is nothing even remotely similar in size, scope or illegality by Democratic members of Congress -- not even close.

    •  And the money was laundered, (none)
      for example, into funding the illegal phone jamming operation in New Hampshire that has resulted in guilty please and a conviction.

      And -- why isn't the Foster/Scully blackmail being resurrected now -- when the Medicare Drug bill passed in large part because Scully, one of the authors of the bill and the boss of medicare actuary Foster, threatened to fire Foster if he revealed the true estimated cost of the bill ($530B v. the $400B that the Reps were falsely presenting to Congress).  Just weeks after the bill passed, Scully took a job with a drug company.

      Isn't this obstruction of justice, in addition to an egregious example of revolving door corruption? Isn't this the best time to bring this up again?

      Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out -- Emperor Claudius

      by Upper West on Sun Jan 08, 2006 at 08:30:42 PM PST

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