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    (before anyone takes me to the woodshed) I know I'm taking a lot of freedom with my use of Soma to describe the koolaid drinking ignorant segment of our nation who couldnt' give a shit about reality other than to think things are going splendidly because Andrea Mitchell, Pete Williams, and Wolf Blitzer told them so via their daily talking points....but keep it symbolically and will be alright in the useage.

    I think the comparison is quite valid.....turning the mind from worries of reality to the bliss of unreal artificial bullshit while being used and controlled from birth to the grave by a corporately controlled political media machine that feeds the masses their opiate, Soma, to keep them from realizing how our nation is walking a tight rope with democracy on one side and fascism on the other (and anyone who wants to take issue with the fascism my guest).....our nation's love of laziness in the mind (willfully or not) is quite on the same par as Huxley's Soma in Brave New say the least.

    1984 is another beast altogether.   There was a diary here a few months back arguing that 1984 is not the right narrative to compare our society to but that BNW was right on point.   I think our society is a combination of several points of both.   When taken together as one, we are in a very precarious position that gets nailed to the wall by those two works.

    George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

    by tlh lib on Mon Jan 09, 2006 at 12:02:21 AM PST

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