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View Diary: DC Dems starting to see the light? (82 comments)

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  •  If any big scandals break.... (3.50)
    The membership of the house could change drastically. I am thinking specifically about the Plame Affair. If Libby, Rove, and someone from the Defense Policy Board are indicted (Gingrich, Woolsey, or Perle), and Cheney is implicated (un-indicted co-conpirator), Bush starts to look like Nixon/Watergate.

    In 1972, Nixon won in a landslide and the Republicans picked up 12 seats.

    In 1974, after Watergate the Democrats picked up 49 seats! The Congressional profile became 144 Republican, 291 Democrat.

    •  Doesn't require a scandal (3.50)
      There wasn't one in 1994 - Dems were simply befuddled and dispirited, while the GOP was fired up red hot.

      Gay marriage may turn out an absolute disaster for them. Thanks to Mayor Newsom - for whom I see a big future - we crossed that Rubicon, and I don't sense any national uproar. Janet's tit got more coverage (or uncoverage, as the case may be). Rosie O'Donnel looks like just another People Mag story.

      Meanwhile, though, Bush promised the Religious Right the impossible, and they won't be happy when he doesn't deliver. Which is why even Tom Delay is getting antsy about it. All of this may just confirm their post-impeachment funk, and cause them to turn away from trying to save this sinful land. If so, the impact could go well beyond this fall.

      -- Rick Robinson

      John Kerry - Elitist New England Liberal Mekong Delta River Rat

      by al Fubar on Fri Feb 27, 2004 at 08:36:02 PM PST

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      •  That isn't how fundies work. (none)
        They know damn well that Congress will likely not pass the amendment yet. One of them even said, "we hope to have this ratified by the time President Bush's second term is ending." They are going to do their best, in 2004 and 2006, to get rid of any senators (even "squishy Republicans") who will not vote for this, and know that many who are currently saying "no" will say "yes" if bullied enough by Rove and/or the Dem pundits.

        This is a long-range plan. They will all be out in full force this year and every other election year.

        That is why one of my biggest fears in this election is that they manage to get rid of somebody like Feingold.

      •  Au contraire, there was a ton of scandal in 1994 (none)
        Nonstop emergent Clinton scandals, collective and individual House scandals (including the House banking scandal) ... aggravated by majority arrogance, and House Dem's collective decision to beat up on Clinton, and their individual decisions to run away from Clinton (and from each other).

        Some of the House dirt was bipartisan, but Dem's were running the place -- badly -- and the voters held them responsible.

    •  what if they pull Bin Laden (none)
      from the hat -  just before the election?  I know that it's conspiracy theory, but ...

      I think they know what's a risk if things continue as they are right now...

      •  Been there, done this (none)
        (ogre performs Nostradamus routine)

        Shrub unveils Bin Laden... in September (hey, Bush's numbers were so bad that they pulled the surprise off early, before his numbers got so bad that no one would even cover the lame duck).  

        First off note... Bin Laden's stone cold dead... and the claimed battle that he was killed in doesn't quite seem to fit the descriptions... and on further investigation appears to have links to Iraqi WMD depots.  Second off note... someone notices that it's not really Osama.

        The ball of crap unravels more when it's leaked that they actually did catch the real Bin Laden, but since they held him at an "undisclosed location" instead of revealing him when they got him... he managed to escape (accusations that Halliburton profited mightily in his escape...).

        Bush is caught "exploring" the availability of acquiring the residence of the late Idi Amin, in Saudi Arabia, as a "retirement home" for "winters".

        The Libertarians Repugs and the Christian Conservatives bolt the GOP, each forming their own parties.

        In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. -- Thomas Jefferson

        by ogre on Fri Feb 27, 2004 at 11:01:22 PM PST

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    •  What Scandal?!? (none)
      With the Republicans controlling the White House, Congress and the Courts is there any chance of scandals being exposed '04?  The press may be waking up...

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