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View Diary: Why is Alito ashamed of his past? (78 comments)

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  •  But you called them mischaracterizations (none)
    not different, hence you were calling my position on his issues wrong. I am just telling you how I see them....see how that's different.
    •  I don't think i followed this thought (none)
      your repsonse has me a bit confused. I don't think i called your position on his issues wrong.
      •  you said (none)
        Of course his positions will be mis-charactized.

        And since I have happen to believe that his statements will be properly characterized as painting him the right wing idealogue that he is, you are thereby calling me wrong on his positions. If you weren't then I am wrong and sorry, but I doubt I am wrong given your history in defending these sorts of characters.

        •  to quote myself, (none)
          "If his positions are not mis-characterized"

          not 'of course' (though i'd wager lots that they will be mischaracterized in many ways).

          Since we have yet to see how/if his positions will be characterized/mis-characterized, i'm wasn't calling you anything.

          Me not call other posters anything.

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