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View Diary: Kate O'Beirne Can Drop Dead. (362 comments)

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  •  I didn't yawn. (4.00)
    That woman is a loser, bitch, idiot whose motivations are probably rooted in deep insecurity about being the biggest loser and idiot in almost any give room with the exception of the women (and I use that term losely) that appear on TV on behalf of the "Family Values" idiots in their June Clever attire and perfectly coiffed 1960's hair dos.  

    The reality is that Kate is trying to befriend all of those socialites and ex-cheerleaders from those groups by spewing her own particular anti-female rhetoric and she ain't gonna be accepted there and she ain't gonna make friends with those women like me who understand exactly what she is - a social climbing geek with no hope in hell of getting onto the ladder much less to the top of it.

    Sorry to be so catt, but that is the only way of explaining this shrill, angry, feminist's complete betrayal of women across this country.  Kate just wants to be popular and once again she has failed miserably.

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