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  •  Women at the forefront- (none)
    Hillarious stuff coming from a presumably a full time editor, I bet there's something in there about how women's voting rights are a threat to national security.  (If not, just wait)

    Women like this live in bubbles, they live in their neat little package doled out to them, picket fence, and daddy's girl, so they expect that if you only follow the rules, everything will work out just fine, so don't make waves, crying out loud.

    What they don't care about is the millions of women who play by those rules in this capitalist society, and get screwed over by employers, inheritance laws, divorce laws, inadequate child support, landlords who pry and abuse, lack of pensions and benefits (not to mention pay), and a thousand other ways that women are essentially decapitalized.  

    We are talking real money here.  We are talking about the incentive for participating in capitalism.   Women have ALWAYS participated in the economy, generally as producers,  as gleaners, as peasants, cottage weavers, as industrial workers, and merchants.  This is more of a pathetic attempt to convince women their rightful place is in the home, a fantasy that never existed, women may have worked out of their homes, but the only women who ever "stayed home" all of their marriage were the upper class women with daddy's trust fund.

    Even the more conservative women I know think feminism keeps the balance, and opens doors, and are thankful.  I live in the deep South, so there is a disconnect between what they identify as feminism (they don't see themselves as feminists, that's a bad word in these parts), and the fact that they ALL WORK. But the trick is to smile and nod, and pretty much do what you want anyway.

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