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View Diary: Kate O'Beirne Can Drop Dead. (362 comments)

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  •  It's Homely Women Like Kate O'Beirne... (none)
    who have to abase themselves in order to get men to look at them who make the world a worse place for the rest of us.  A woman like Kate can't get a man into bed unless she brings a sandwich and a freshly ironed shirt with her...and a paper bag to cover her head.  Take a look.  Take a lnog look, if you can stomach it, at women like Schlafly, O'Beirne, Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, Harriet Meyers.  They are all sporting fake blond hair by which they hope to camouflage their plain faces.  Good luck.

    Now take a look at the feminists you know.  See our beautiful Jane Fonda in the picture up thread.  Has Jane been a wall flower all these years?  What a joke!  In my actual life experience as a feminist, we are getting all the male attention we can handle and then some.  Men want to be with us.  Why? Because we are not buttoned up prudes.  Because we are hot.  If Kate O'Beirne even has a man of her own, I would make book on it that we could pick any feminist at random and given a reasonable amount of time to make his selection (say a long weekend), Kate's man would choose the feminist.

    No, lack of male attention isn't our issue.  Man hating isn't our thing.  What move us is that most of us enjoy men and respect men.  But, we have kids to raise, bills to pay, and dreams and goals of our own, just like every man.  We want a fair deal at work and at school, in hospitals and doctors' waiting room, and in church and synagogues. And men who aren't complete pussies are fine with the ends of feminism.  

    I agree with you Rena, Kate O'Beirne can drop dead.

    •  Seriously! (none)
      But are you surprised?  I'm not -- I remember (back in college) a lone woman on a panel of neo-cons who argued that women who were date-raped were asking for it.  The neo-con guys ate it up and flashed her smiles; her face just lit up from their approval.  I tore her a new one from the audience and she nearly cried -- I bet deep down she knew she was spewing garbage, but how else was she going to be the center of attention for all these neo-con guys?  She was NOT attractive by any measure, although I am sure she would have found a guy that would have truly appreciated her inner essence, had she not already debased herself in an effort to please the wingnut guys.

      Me, I ignored my mom's plea to act dumb so I could attract guys -- why would I want to attract guys who are scared off by smarts?  I was proud to be smart, and proud to be a feminist -- and I went to three different proms with three different guys!

      So retire, already, the myth of the homely girl turned feminist by male neglect.  Instead, recognize the soul-less, self-hating, pathetic girl (homely or otherwise) groveling for the approval of brittle-ego'd neo-con males by attacking the women they most fear: smart, beautiful, confident and independent feminists!

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