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  •  Unfortunately, (none)
    I think Alito is as good as confirmed. I'm not getting a good vibe from the hearings.

    I mean, am I--a male with only his liberties at stake--wrong, or do people here think the Dem Senators are going to filibuster?

    I don't see it happening and I certainly haven't heard about a flood of phone calls to the Capital demanding one. Isn't that the only way to block his confirmation? Aren't we all at this point just sitting in our boats with out paddles drifting towards the waterfall?

    This is a nice diary, though I fear a day late and dollar short. I'm now left to fear (more so for the women of this country who will find themselves driven further into economic second class status and with less rights then their embryos) what schemes the likes of Cheney and Rove will hatch knowing the Supreme Court is tucked nicely in their back pocket.

    "...I have reauthorized this program more than 30 times since the September the 11th attacks" - George W. Bush, 12-17-05

    by Pescadero Bill on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 04:59:58 PM PST

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    •  they will send you to war and to the mines (none)
      or any other job where you must "work all day for the sugar in your tay" with no benefits, no recourse if you are hurt on the job - and ever more of us will be, as they strip away the obligations on those poor Corporate Overlords to give up some of their Very Own Money looking after us ungrateful peasants.

      It's all part of the same thing: first they come for one set of rights, then they go for another, and everyone thinks "oh it's just happening to them, I'm safe, and they probably deserve it, no skin off my nose" - until they end up like a former fascist head-breaker and U-Boat captain turned minister who realized that his own turn had come...

      "Don't be a janitor on the Death Star!" - Grey Lady Bast (change @ for AT to email)

      by bellatrys on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 06:06:58 PM PST

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