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    Rape and incest, for now, are always put in a special category of people who can get abortions anyway.  Lesbians are generally of this ilk.

    There are also those lesbians who choose to get pregnant, and whose fetus dies in utero, who wind up at the abortion clinics.

    That being said, I like to point out that gays often stand up for straight rights, so if any straights were going to stand up for gay rights but thought "well, what have they done for me?", if they read Daily Kos or MyLeftWing, they'll know.

    Of course, if they're reading those blogs, they're probably not thinking that way, so, um, la-la-la... Latte?

    -8.75;-5.28. But it don't mean nuttin if you don't put your money where your mouth is

    by ultrageek on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 05:47:41 PM PST

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