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    I just decided I absolutely didn't want any more and had myself 'fixed'. the turning point came when I had a IUD inserted and a few months later had a preg. scare.   Thing is - I very decisively didn't have an abortion when I was 20 unmarried and pregnant by a man I would not ever consider living with much less married to.  I found out after the relationship had ended.  I couldn't make that very final step and so entered the world of single parenthood. I got lucky.  I've been with the man of my dreams [& the usual cog dis poster] since before my son was born.  But that's not what made me post.  I was going to write what would amount to this exact same diary today.  Kudos you beat me to it. The reason is this:
    I was listening to the Alito hearings today and heard mike dewine from OH.  He pretty much voiced his plans to do away w/roe v wade.  I was so appaled I felt it needed to be yelled from the roof tops.  I will probably diary it in a few days if people don't catch on.  Here is what he said:
    first he discussed how he felt congress was not getting it's authority recognized by supreme court. Then he brought up how 'they' forced all of the states to raise the drinking age to 21 by threatening to remove state's highway money.  [bear with me]
    Then he started undermining roe-v-wade. stating that it wasn't Really precedent. or at the very most was precedent but that the sup court hadn't even really ratified it more than twice.
    [I left my notes at work dang it!!]
    anyway it seems to me that if this alito nomination goes through we are in some serious trouble. we aren't just looking at loosing our 'right to choose'. we're looking at loosing our right to contraception too. Please all of you help keep this issue alive and as loudly intelligently discussed as possible.

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