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  •  What about adoption? (none)
    It seems that people are so hung up on breeding their own offspring.  I think it has to do with a primal urge to procreate.  Our instincts tell us to pass on our genetic material.  That's evolution after all.  We as human beings should strive to be above that though.  There are so many children that don't have any family.  I see kids being passed around the foster care system and they need someone to love them.  When people choose to breed another child into this world rather than adopt, there is a child that could have had a loving family that still does not.  I think it is one of the ultimate acts of compassion as a human being to adopt a child and nurture it.  To breed a new one into being is selfish.  I'm not saying that makes someone a bad person, just a bit selfish.  You don't NEED a son/daughter to carry your DNA.  To insist one's child contain their DNA is a bit conceited.  I know a lot of people that would argue with me but logically it's true.  Besides, you can get a child that's already potty trained.

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