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  •  I made a mistake though (none)
    1) I should not have used a thought experiment with you. I see you've quoted my remark "I don't have to care" down below as being synonymous with "I don't care at all." That isn't correct, as should be clear from my writings.  My point was that if you are trying to appeal to someone you clearly feel has completely different interests from you you might want to think through the basis on which you are appealing to her.

    You say you have votes, or could have votes, to form a kind of coalition. And you want my vote. You ask me to support what you say are the interests of your group either because its the "right thing to do" or because its identical to my interests.  I've pointed out that I do support the causes you say are yours, even though they are not "in my interest" in a purely utilitarian sense at the moment. You've taken that to mean that I have no morality, or no morality that jumps with yours. mY point was the direct opposite. I argued that although what you are advocating out of self interest is in fact what I am arguing out of dis-interest and disinterested moral compassion. I advocate precisely the same politics you do although it does not benefit me.

      I simply tried to tease out the differences in appealing to others on the basis of similarity (we are all women together which would be my preferred course of action) or hostility (you rich, priviliged white women should support me because I'm right...).

    Sorry you didn't get that.

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