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  •  Mac OS X (none)
    Got it for $300-400. I need to upgrade to OS X 10.3, but might just get another one instead. Maybe Intel, maybe not. I know not Windows, though --- I get sent virii all the time and it's so fun not getting them on a Mac.

    This is my second Mac. My first was kind of buggy with kernel panics and whatnot, due to some bug in the whatever, and finally got blown out by a gigantic lightning storm. If I were nerdier, I'd build my own, but  I'm not.

    •  My 2nd Mac (none)
       had thte  kernel thing. It was the inside hardward, that was faulty.

      It crashed, finally, at the genious bar, and they replaced most of the insides, (1.000 worth) for free.

      It has worked beautifully ever since, but it was an inconvenience, an irratation, and a big fat pain in the butt.

      I am all about the Mac, and feel a little quesy about the inbreeding! Yuk! :+(

      The best thing is I NEVER EVER have to worry about the sabotour viruses directed at Bill Gates.

      inspire change...don't back down

      by missliberties on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 04:57:36 PM PST

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