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  •  Linux (none)
    at the moment running Fedora Core 4 but considering going the Ubuntu way. Have been a Linux user since an ancient version of Slackware. I've also used Solaris and some other Unix variants quite a lot but at home I use Linux. (I do have a Win XP machine to play Civilization variants on).
    •  Me too (none)
      My first Linux experiment was an Apache web server running on an ancient flavor of Red Hat (might have even been Red Hat 1.0, but I don't remember exactly); the thing ran for five years, and the only time it went down was when the power went out.  First Linux desktop (laptop, actually) ran on Slack but couldn't do everything I needed, unfortunately, so I had to dual boot Winduhs.

      Then, a couple years ago, Winduhs acquired a virus that caused the CPU to fry the motherboard and kill my computer.  Was only able to save the data on the hard drive by popping it into my new computer and using Knoppix for recovery.

      Now, with OpenOffice, I have absolutely no need for Microshaft crap and am happily running on Fedora Core 3.  Have been free for two years, and it just keeps getting better.  Can't understand why everyone isn't using the best OS around, especially considering the price.  

      Sometimes I run viruses under Wine just to see what they do, and it's kind of funny: not only can no virus touch my important system files, but they can't even screw up Wine!

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      by ChuckLin on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 05:36:11 PM PST

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