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View Diary: College Tuition Crisis Continues; Debt Crushing Graduates (168 comments)

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    I was actually wondering about this and was going to research it.  Is that true that housing is not in the CPI?  And Health Care?  Not surprised about education, but man does that underestimate inflation.  The Two Income Trap really lays this out nicely how a middle class life is just now totally out of reach for most people.
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      see below for housing.

      As for healthcare -- the BLS does not have a medical insurance statistic.  They attempt to capture the inicreasing price of insurance from an increase in prices of specific health care goods.

      The second problem with healthcare is it only represents .366 of total CPI.  US median income is about $44,000/year.  The total average cost of health insurance for a family is $9500/year and for a single person about $3500/year.  Employers and employees split these payments in various ways.  

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      by bonddad on Wed Jan 11, 2006 at 07:44:39 AM PST

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