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View Diary: College Tuition Crisis Continues; Debt Crushing Graduates (168 comments)

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  •  Fed chairman rambling on training the workforce (none)

    College and higher education is job training (even though we may sometimes forget that.) I remember Alan Greenspan rambling on about how important it is to have a well-trained workforce. Yet, he never really talked about the changes the Bush administration was making that hinders training the workforce. Affordable college education should be considered an essential part of our infrastructure as it's so closely tied to productivity.

    I don't blame the Bush admin for the costs of higher was expensive for most of my adult life. But, as always, Bush is doing a good job at making an already precarious situation worse.

    I know a number of younger people who don't really understand the consequences of student loans. Probably because highschool doesn't teach students basic life finances. I know I never learned to manage money until later in life. I guess I never sat down to figure out that my $40k student loan would cost me ~$600/month for 10 years. That's like renting a second room where I live for 10 years or half a mortgage payment on a cheap house!  Now it looks like a number of students will have double that size of a student loan. It's just crazy.

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