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View Diary: Lieberman Says Filibuster Is ON The Table! (184 comments)

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  •  Feingold Needs To Stiffen Up... (none)
    .....just to keep his Presidential bid alive.

    He needs to acknowledge that, in hindsight, his vote on Roberts was a mistake, and that on reflection, the party must oppose Alito in the most vigorous and united way possible.

    •  Kennedy Shouldn't Initiate the Filibuster. (none)
      Should we have a filibuster, Kennedy would be the wrong person to announce or initiate it. It needs to be a moderate or center-left Democrat. Someone like Lieberman, who in most cases, tend to side with the conservative point of view.

      Such a move would paint Alito as "outside the mainstream" conservative, and would demonstrate to the public that Bush needs to nominate someone else, and not someone who just pleases the far right wing of his party.

      "The collapse of confidence in the Republican leadership is not enough to elect Democratic leadership." -Dean

      by MarionCountyDemocrat on Thu Jan 12, 2006 at 08:48:12 AM PST

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      •  Good Luck Finding One with (4.00)
        the guts to do it.  No, we've got to pressure Feingold to step up and start the filibuster and then force the hands of the Leibermans of the Senate.  Make them vote on whether or not to have a spine.  A useless "no" vote on the actual nomination means NOTHING.  Hear that all you lurking Dem staffers?  A NO vote alone does not mean ANYTHING in this context, so don't even bother to have your candidate say "well I voted against the Alito Nomination" when campaigning later this fall.  It ain't whether your guy or gal voted no, it's whether he or she had the courage to really stand up and make it a real "NO" not over my dead body vote.  If it's a cloture vote and it loses, we'll know who to have the primary election knives out for.

        "You know you have created God in your own image when God hates all the same people you hate."

        by md jeffersonian on Thu Jan 12, 2006 at 09:00:00 AM PST

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      •  Kennedy's time has passed??? (none)
        Everyone has learned their role to play from hearings past.  They are polished by boards plus an overall maturing of the process facilitated by the intense media coverage. Not a hair out of place on anyone.

        But I want to offer an opinion on Senator Kennedy.

        I cannot help but notice how old Kennedy appears and how easily he tires.  He seems confused when he wanted to be strident.  Fumbling with his papers instead of being forceful and knowledgeable.  Sitting forward to bellow at the Judge and then quickly slipping away as he cannot sustain the hunt for firm ground from which to muster any further pursuit.  

        Quieted by Arlen Specter, He is not only ineffective, He has been marginalized.

        How disappointing this is to watch.  The years of alcohol and food abuse have quieted the old Kennedy, today he is just a bloated version of the image some held him in.  Very far removed from the shadow and memory of his brother and even his old self.  

        Where would Senator Kennedy be without his handlers?  

        With that said I would submit that Massachusetts will not elect a Republican for his seat. So if the spot is safe, it might be time to move aside and allow a more vigorous candidate to move forward in his place.  

        Seldom do actors on the stage know when their time has passed. And it is sad to watch.  Someone might suggest that to Kennedy.  

        Forgive me if it is not my place.  

    •  I think his vote on Roberts... (none)
      was actually a good political move.  He is already a favorite of the liberal core of the party thanks to his 'no' vote on the Patriot act, his standing up for civil liberties, and his general outspokeness against Bush and his policies.  A 'yes' vote on Roberts shows that he can cross the aisle and join in a bipartisan vote.  Remember this was a conservative replacing a conservative, no change in the balance of the court.  I actually think that  Roberts is going to surprise people and turn out to be more of a moderate like Kennedy than he is like Scalia (at least I am hoping).  Now if it would have been someone already in trouble with the liberal core voting 'yes,' such as Hillary, then that would have been a bad political move.  

      Having said all of that, a 'yes' vote on Alito is a bad political move no matter what.  I am totally against him and would love a filibuster.  If by chance there is no filibuster and it comes to a vote, I only see maybe 5 Dems voting for him.  These Dems being Ben Nelson, Conrad, Dorgan, Lincoln, and Pryor, who would vote for him mainly because they want to be reelected in their red states.  

      Warner/Richardson '08

      by DemBrock on Thu Jan 12, 2006 at 10:10:06 AM PST

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      •  I Understand Your Logic... (none)
        .....since it has been the governing doctrine of the Democratic Party since the Reagan Presidency.

        Compromise across the aisle makes sense only if it's goes both ways. Well, it hasn't been a two-way street since Gerald Ford was in office.

        Incremental compromises of this kind have brought us to a point where Eisenhower Republicans like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton can claim to be mainstream Democrats without being laughed out of the room.

        This is not progress.

        •  Yeah you're right... (none)
          that Reps don't compromise across the aisle like they used to in the past.  Washington is obviously more polarized than ever before.  And compromise in favor of Reps that go against common Democratic beliefs are bad compromises.  However, voting in a bipartisan manner on solid Supreme Court nominees is an exception that has went both ways in nominating most of the members of the current Court (Thomas was a pretty partisan vote and Scalia should have been a partisan vote).  Our problem is that we don't control the White House enough to get the Court solidly in our favor.  

          Warner/Richardson '08

          by DemBrock on Thu Jan 12, 2006 at 05:26:54 PM PST

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