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View Diary: Lieberman Says Filibuster Is ON The Table! (184 comments)

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  •  Kennedy's time has passed??? (none)
    Everyone has learned their role to play from hearings past.  They are polished by boards plus an overall maturing of the process facilitated by the intense media coverage. Not a hair out of place on anyone.

    But I want to offer an opinion on Senator Kennedy.

    I cannot help but notice how old Kennedy appears and how easily he tires.  He seems confused when he wanted to be strident.  Fumbling with his papers instead of being forceful and knowledgeable.  Sitting forward to bellow at the Judge and then quickly slipping away as he cannot sustain the hunt for firm ground from which to muster any further pursuit.  

    Quieted by Arlen Specter, He is not only ineffective, He has been marginalized.

    How disappointing this is to watch.  The years of alcohol and food abuse have quieted the old Kennedy, today he is just a bloated version of the image some held him in.  Very far removed from the shadow and memory of his brother and even his old self.  

    Where would Senator Kennedy be without his handlers?  

    With that said I would submit that Massachusetts will not elect a Republican for his seat. So if the spot is safe, it might be time to move aside and allow a more vigorous candidate to move forward in his place.  

    Seldom do actors on the stage know when their time has passed. And it is sad to watch.  Someone might suggest that to Kennedy.  

    Forgive me if it is not my place.  

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