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View Diary: Another Bad Idea: Houston to tie teachers' pay to test scores (76 comments)

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  •  Ahh (none)
    "Pre-destination" is the pre-eminent slavery/segrationist/discriminatory defense.

    "Those" people are "pre-determined" to be "below" those who were "pre-determined" to be the "better" race.  

    It was the pre-eminent justification for Western colonization of the "dark" continent.

    •  I'm just not familiar with that use (none)
      of the term, Dan.  I've never seen it used in any but the religious doctrine sense.  Maybe that's what Judy was saying, but I didn't get that impression.  Even so, one option might be to ask for clarification before getting angry.  Like I said, I'm not picking on you, in fact I generally value your comments on this thread and elsewhere.  I just hate to see communication between generally like-minded folks melt down, that's all, and also I hope you don't get fed up with this site and stop posting here.  Different viewpoints are the life-blood of this site.  


      No one likes armed missionaries. -- Robespierre.

      by Gator Keyfitz on Thu Jan 12, 2006 at 05:46:49 PM PST

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