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View Diary: Another Bad Idea: Houston to tie teachers' pay to test scores (76 comments)

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  •  That's nice for the 'average' kid (none)
    if true but what does it do for the non-average kid, the kid who does not learn well though rote memorization.  I'm guessing most of this memorization comes from things that are written(books, maps, flash cards ect) so a bright dyslexic child will quickly be made to feel stupid, getting poor grade on all their homework, and hating school.  For that child the 15 minutes a night will most likely be hours.  

    You are welcome to teach your kids how ever you want or to hope your kids teachers teach however you want. Drill away if that's what you feel is best. My opinion is that I would not want you or someone who subscribes to your views on this as my kids teacher, school administrator or schoolboard member and am glad most of my elementary school teachers didn't agree with you. Although I was asked to memorize math facts and my states and capitals(got them all) I also was given homework that sole purpose was to spark my curiosity and probably give the kids who didn't learn best through memorization or reading a chance to show how smart they were.

    Does the devil wear a suit and tie, Or does he work at the Dairy Queen- Martin Sexton

    by strengthof10kmen on Thu Jan 12, 2006 at 08:45:06 PM PST

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    •  no bullshit (none)
      true but what does it do for the non-average kid, the kid who does not learn well though rote memorization.
      Memorization is a skill that literally is the last refuge of the mentally handicapped, diseased, or challenged.  It is, actually, the only way the functionally retarded have to make it through life.  

      The method of memorization is up for grabs - but between audio, visual, and direct reptition there is little evidence to suggest that any child can't memorize, especially if started reasonably early with drills to enforce mental discipline.

      I suspect the reason most people object to such fundamentals of building blocks is because it's a no bullshit business.  If for a week you are supposed to be working on memorizing the new england states and their capitals based on studying a map and reciting the names in alphabetical order, and your kid goes to school and can't do it, then it's a no bullshit answer.  The only answer is the 15 minutes per day practice wasn't done.   There is no bullshit diagnosis, no bullshit condition, no bullshit reason why you as a parent couldn't sit with your child for 15 minutes a night and go through the states and the map quietly and directly.  

      And that's the bottom line question.  Next time you watch the Jay Leno show and they ask someone a question like "What century did World War II happen in"? and they say the "1500's", you know the reason.  The reason is bullshit faux education.  Every American should know that for America World War II started Decemeber 7, 1941 at Pearl Harboor (or maybe the 8th, when we declared war offically) and ended with V-J day on August 15th, 1945.  

      A lot of education is about experience, and learning, and the love of knowledge, etc.  However, some of it is no-bullshit memorization and recall.  

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