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View Diary: Are Democrats stupid, or just corrupt? (200 comments)

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  •  Criticizing the democrats does not have any- (none)
    thing to do with the diaries you are talking about.

    Criticizing does not have to include hatred, bullying, threatening , and bullshit like this diary and all the others include.  People aren't complaining about diaries where people are discussing alternative moves the Democrats could make, encouraging creative activism, and speaking intelligently about ideas to improve the party.  People are rejecting the hatred and utter lack of support projected like vomit toward the party.  It's sickening.  You ought to reread some of the comments and think about why people are reacting like they do to those diaries.

    •  Exactly (4.00)
      there is a difference between criticism and:
      1. accusing Democrats falsely,
      2. committing political suicide and encouraging others to do the same.

      I'm all for venting.  But dishonesty and promoting bad ideas are another matter entirely.

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