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  •  I think she is (none)
    complaining about this seemingly orchestrated attempt to quell dissent debate the moment it surfaces on this blog.  I find it quite healthy.  Otherwise, we end up with what we Russians call byt, which is a mephitic mass of congrealed oil and grease that suffocates everything it coats as it expands and expands in its relentless attempt to reduce the world to a deadening embrace of the same.  This is why dissent and debate are important.  And this is why I find your interventions both here and in the Cegelis diaries utterly deplorable.  
    •  Being drogatory , name calling, and pure attempts (4.00)
      to make the party obsolete, is not the same as dissent. There are many ways to express dissent, that does not discourage people to join in.  This is not one of them.

      People get their panties all in a wad about certain things people say because if people click on dailyKos and read it might discourage them from voting democratic, yet noone considers diaries written like this to have negative effects.  Well, consider clicking on DKos and seeing constant derogatory statements about the party and disgust at everything that is ever done by any of the members.  Why the fuck would anyone ever vote for a party whose so called members hate it.

      I don't believe this person is discussing in good faith.  He is on the fringes of the party working to build a third party in my opinion.  Yes I object to that.  This is a blog here for the purpose of improving the party, not tearing it down.

    •  hmm, i am somewhat torn here. (none)
      i have seen so called diaries for our own "good" just restating rethug talking points and i take issue with them. i get frustrated with some posts that jump on the band wagon loudly condeming democrats. it does us no good.

      but on the other hand i have felt deep frustration with the likes of biden and company recently.

      i know for sure that the nader lits don't have answers. they have some points, but their actions suck.

      so what to do? well, fight, fight, fight! and then fight some more!

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