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  •  It's too bad.... (4.00)
    that what could be a REAL discussion about what's wrong with the party today, and there are things wrong, has to be framed by personal gunslinging.  I suspect there are a lot of us who, more than anything else, feel betrayed by our current representatives--I use that word because I can't use the word "leaders"---there aren't any. I think some of the reason is because most of them have been around too long, have gotten too complaisant or too tired or too rich.  We who choose them are to blame too--we don't have the  tough yardsticks we should.  We don't pick candidates because they are the most intelligent or most experienced in their fields, or who speak forthrightly and courageously even if it sometimes hurts.  We don't even pick the candidates who are most likely to bridge the widening gap between blue and red voters---because that candidate just might offend the most far right among us. Instead we pick the most cute (John Edwards); we pick the most affable, the most agreeable, the most unoffensive--and then we wonder why they don't have the fortitude or intellect to fight the blatant immorality of Republicans.

    If we don't wise up and listen to what "middle" Americans are saying over and over and over about the present Democratic party, we are going to lose our country.      

    •  Just (none)
      want to thank you for the word "betrayed." That DOES describe how I've been feeling this week, but couldn't quite come up with the right term. That and "deja vu."

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