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  •  'Comfort to the enemy' is sound war strategy (none)
    It's time this 'comfort' thing was deconstructed.

    Q: How is the enemy 'comforted' by news that there is domestic opposition to the war?

    A: It gives him hope that the war effort will fizzle out.

    Q: So it gives him a little feel-good factor, it gooses his pleasure centre a little. So how does that weaken the war effort itself?

    A: Doesn't. If anything it weakens the enemy by a) emboldening him to act rashly in expectation of a half-hearted response or (b) encourging him to step down his aggression and wait it out

    Q: Either way, it works for us, not against us, right? So much so that it actually makes sense to pretend to be a divided nation.

    A: Looks like it. But it also demoralises the troops.

    Q: Ask the troops about that. I should think being blown up by IEDs for a lie is more demoralising. Knowing that your President doesn't attend military funerals, knowing that veterans' benefits are being slashed, knowing that the deaths and grievous injuries, the flag-draped coffins, are being treated by MSM as obscenities not fit for public viewing, knowing that the troops alone are paying the price of a war of choice - that's pretty goddamn demoralising. Opposing the war for the sake of the troops - that's in fact heartening to hear about.

    •  What 'comfort' really means (none)
      I suspect that 'comfort' in a treasonable context really means supply and shelter - as in 'harbouring terrorists'. I just don't see how giving our adversaries false hopes, or a misguided sense of security, or even a few laughs at our expense, could help their cause or hinder ours.

      (For the moment, I'm leaving out the validity of our causes, and generalising about any war).

      Also: turn this question around. We know there's a portion of Iraqi populace which opposes the 'insurgency'. Does that give us any comfort? Maybe it does, to the troops. Does that make them safer, or make their war any less lethal? No.

      No amount of liberal blogging is going to dissuade the next suicide bomber from strapping on his IED - or the next US platoon from their scheduled 'search and destroy'. It's not going to change the realities on the ground.

      This is all about bringing discomfort to the President.

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