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  •  Not nutty at all (none)
    No way to tell if this WILL happen, but I have zero doubt that it could happen, under the right circumstances, because these people would not only have no problem doing this, but they show every indication of WANTING to do this if they at all can.

    They clearly have a VERY different conception of the constitution and democracy than most of the rest of us do, and in fact appear to despise both and want to replace them with their own versions which would be radically different from ours'. The question is how.

    The "smart" way to do this is over time, decades in fact, by slowly nudging things towards their vision of how things should be. They have, in fact, been doing this since the day they took office, via actions such as executive orders that go way beyond the scope of most past executive orders, replacing heads of entire government departments, divisions and agencies with political cronies who proceed to gut them and replace them with loyal flunkies who will implement their agenda, flaunting long-standing laws that effectively become de facto law by not being actively challenged by congress and by being backed up by the courts, appointing right-wing judges to the courts, controlling the media by various means, having congress pass laws that further extend its powers and alter the way the country works, and so on. They've made enormous progress along this track, probably far more than more Americans can begin to realize.

    However, because it's taking place within the existing process (even if it alters this process as it moves forward--shades of 1933 Germany if you ask me), it's fairly slow going, and liable to being detected and legally and politically opposed--as is now starting to happen. So, I'm sure they realized that sooner or later, either to speed things up or to prevent detection and subversion by legal and political means, it might become necessary to take this process to the next level. That's what these executive orders are for, and why they're in place somewhere in the white house, ready to be put into action under the right circumstances.

    And that's the key, the right circumstances. They can't just implement these plans one morning just because they feel like it. There has to be a pretext, or else the public, media and perhaps even congressional reaction will stop it before it gets off the ground, and they won't have the support of the various law enforcement and military personnel they'd need to implement it.

    Such circumstances can come in two forms. One is another 9/11 type of attack, and preferably much worse, that would be the perfect pretext for them to put these orders into place. And by the time everyone regained some semblence of normality, it would be too late, they'd have dictatorial powers, essentially permanently, and the rest is pretty easy to predict.

    Of course, we may not have another 9/11--perhaps, despite their best efforts, they really have managed to prevent another such attack. Or it might happen after they leave office. Or--what I most fear--they might find their powers legally challenged by an onslaught of congressional investigations, calls for impeachment, civil suits, and mass protests, and decide that they need to take action before they're routed out of office.

    So, they might need to manufacture such a crisis. And, no doubt, they've come up with some very inventive ideas covering all sorts of scenarios. And we might just see them try to pull such a thing as the coming backlash against their numerous crimes and misdeeds starts to gather momentum, legitimacy and legal and political force, and the very real threat of impeachment and/or other serious challenges to their powers becomes imaginable, if not inevitable. At such a point, they might well be fully capable of manufacturing such a crisis, enabling them to put then order into action. In fact, it might be for this very contingency that these plans were mostly drawn up.

    Tinfoil, perhaps, but not nearly as much as it might have seemed a year ago, to most people at least, myself included. And certainly worrisome enough to start taking seriously.

    "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." W.B. Yeats

    by kovie on Fri Jan 13, 2006 at 11:44:07 PM PST

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    •  Someday... maybe (none)
      "An Iranian terrorist set off a dirty nuke today in (insert any city) killing hundreds/thousands of American citizens. The individual left a taped confession behind stating why he acted. Mr. (add any name you like) had come to the US before Bush's 9/11 security measures were put in place and therefore was not detected. Because of this unwarranted attack on US soil President Bush has declared Martial Law and he has also declared war on Iran and its terrorist partners. In order to be fully prepared for war the draft will now be initiated. Draft Marshals are now on their way to every city to collect our new crop of fine young soldiers."

      I can see waking up to this one day if things are not stopped.

      •  One of many possible scenarios (none)
        They've doubtlessly got their moonbat lawyers and black hat strategists working overtime coming up with highly credible real and fake scenarios under which it would be "legitimate" to implement such a plan, with Darth Cheney checking in from time to time to make sure everything's going according to plan (Bush is just an empty front, useless when it comes to what happens behind the scenes).

        I just finished reading an article, The Bush Who Cried Wolf, on the prospects for war with Iran. The situation we find ourselves in vis a vis Iran is quite serious, and all sorts of paths could lead to war. We might already be on one such path. The article reminded the reader that Bolton takes over as president of the UN Security Council next month. Scary. If we are at war with Iran, I could see this becoming a pretext for this plan to be put into action.

        But there are so many other potential scenarios, and no doubt they've got dozens of them at the ready, depending on the circumstances, and perhaps some even partially set in motion. No reason to believe that BushCo don't have their own "sleeper" cells in our cities already. The NSA wiretaps might be part of that. Probably are.

        Another, even more possible such precipitating circumstance is the coming battle with the administration over issues such as WMD and the NSA wiretaps, to be held in congress, the senate, and in the public sphere. If we get traction--and I think we will--and they smell censure, losing the house and/or senate in the elections, indictments of key officials, even impeachment--anything, in other words, that could lawfully remove them from power and then subject them to full exposure and punishment--then they just might decide to implement one of these scenarios, out of desperation.

        Again, this is possibly all tinfoil hat territory, but given all that's happened and that we now know, there's more than enough reason to suspect such things, and I'd rather err on the side of lunacy than allow them to do so first.

        "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." W.B. Yeats

        by kovie on Sat Jan 14, 2006 at 12:38:43 AM PST

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