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View Diary: Awesome Slam of "Marriage Amendment" by Freshman Delegate (150 comments)

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  •  What was the resolution exactly? (none)
    The VA Dems were going to endorse the constitutional amendment?  

    Who is David Englin and what is his role?  

    I've already become a BIG fan!  :)

    •  Well... (none)
      The way I heard it, a handful (maybe 5) Dems from semi-consevative sothern districts were the only Dems in favor of it.  All the Dems in my neck of the woods in Northern VA (including my own delegate, Dave Marsden) voted against it.

      So a few Dems voted for it.  But I'd have to think that the party probably didn't endorse it, since out of our 40 members, only 5 or so voted yes.

      All your vote are belong to us. Warner/Feingold 2008

      by Harkov311 on Sun Jan 15, 2006 at 10:24:49 PM PST

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      •  Actually, 73 members of the Virginia (none)
        House of Delegates, including many Democrats, apparently believe that "Virginia is for Lovers, Except for Lovers We Happen to Hate."  

        David Englin is a courageous Freshman Delegate, elected in November to represent heavily Democratic Alexandria and south Arlington, and willing to speak out against this abomination of an amendment.  Unfortunately, not ALL Northern Virginia Democrats voted against - Steve Shannon (D-Fairfax) voted for it.  Not good.

        •  forgive my ignorance (none)
          but what exactly is this type of delegate?   A DNC delegate?

          By the tone of the speech it sounds as though he were speaking in front of republicans as well, which means it wouldnt be a Dem party only thing.

          •  correct me if I'm wrong (none)
            I live nowhere near Virginia but it sounds like he's in the state legislature
            •  You're right (none)
              Virginia's legislature has two houses: the House of Delegates and the Senate. So our representatives are called delegates.

              The moral values crowd is a bunch of lazy people who deep down in their hearts want the government to do their job as parents.

              by phinky on Mon Jan 16, 2006 at 10:02:08 AM PST

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