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View Diary: Awesome Slam of "Marriage Amendment" by Freshman Delegate (150 comments)

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  •  Actually Falwell says 9/11 was to punish all of us (none)
    God punished the nation (gays and Christians alike) for adopting (or not sufficiently fighting) gay-tolerant policies in the first place.

    Falwell, Robertson, and most conservative Christian fundamentalists have embraced a teaching that urges congregants to oppose gay rights because to do otherwise--to be tolerant or indifferent, to fail to fight--forces God to "remove his mantle of protection" from above our heads, thus leaving us vulnerable to flood, fire, terrorists, swarms of locusts--name your nasty, God'll send it down.

    Violent destruction is the result of ANY American or any American POLICY acting in or sanctioning scriptural disobedience.  

    The same ideas apply to abortion, evolution, and (yes) simple disbelief.

    Which explains why they seem to want to legislate belief. We do "wrong," e.g. reject their racket, and God might kill them for it. It's an evangelistic failure, our unbelief. So ... what the heck. A little coersion won't hurt.

    "Marriage amendments" etc. are rooted in bigotry but I think they also express these folks' desperate fear of their own God. Which, if I'm reading them right, is very bad news.

    Is nothing secular?

    by aitchdee on Mon Jan 16, 2006 at 02:21:07 AM PST

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