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View Diary: Pentagon forbids troops to buy better body armor (259 comments)

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  •  I like the idea of.. (none)
    This is what they do..over and over...look at medicare, old and sick will die, look at soldiers, cant wear armor, dont have trucks protected, awash in DU that kills slowly, look at katrina, 6 days without water,fake christian crooks ..What goes up must come down..Write editorials ,TV tell them..When clinton was being impeached, newt went around to small editorial papers and wrote articles, then took those articles to big newspapers and said ,this is what people are thinking, get with the program...Come on guys, we deserve better then these I like the idea to write on edge of money impeach bush...I really like it..
    •  A little help (none)
      try this link,

      has just about everything needed.

      •  I just visited that link from above (none)
        that can be found here

        It's an excellent web site and article concerning this equipment.

        Further, there are contacts at he bottom of the page such as these.

        Contact info for Pinnacle Armor, Inc.:

        Pinnacle Armor, Inc.
        425 E. Home Ave. #104
        Fresno, CA 93727
        800-200-0915 Toll-Free
        559-320-1221 Office
        559-320-1229 Fax

        Contact info for the relevant offices of U.S. Army Natick/Natick Soldier Center (NSC)

        Public Affairs Office
        508-233-4300 Office
        DSN 256-4300

        Individual Protection
        508-233-6481 Office
        DSN 256-6481

        Future Force Warrior
        508-233-6977 Office
        DSN 256-6977

        Support our troops!

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