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View Diary: Pentagon forbids troops to buy better body armor (259 comments)

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  •  Left this out of your bio (none)
    "Freeper pussy who joins Daily Kos to exclusively troll rate productive commentary."

    Gee, Clockwise, why are you so bitterly hostile?  And why do you have so many hidden comments attached to your perfect record of giving out only "1" ratings?

    User ID in the high 70K range.  

    You can consider it payback, but I'm troll-rating you for these comments:

    " If you want to see the real problem, look at the way business has been done for years in Washington D.C. - not at the current Administration or the cooked up scandal de jur(sic)."

    "...people like all of you, with Liberal tendencies..."

    "You say you "support the troops", but it seems to me all you want to do is engage in partisan politics and bash Republicans or President Bush."

    Is this attitude why we're having trouble winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world?

    •  Benefit of doubt. (none)
      I think that clockwise is here to disagree and offer perspective, but just hasn't yet caught on to local norms of rating, etc.  Definitely a conservative and undoubtably a Republican, but I'm happy having such on hand for honest debate.  The key is: Is this person trying to disrupt, or engage?

      There actually is a serious policy issue raised in this post: Are procurement rules set up in a way that inhibits innovation and rapid response to need?  Is this partly a response to worthy goals such as helping minorities?  I doubt it, based on everything I've been hearing lately, but I hadn't thought of it and I'd be happy to hear a well-source, coherent argument on that.

      I'm suggesting the benefit of a doubt.  I believe strongly in the potential for dialogue.

      The Republican party: An alliance of madness and greed.

      by jem6x on Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 10:38:54 AM PST

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      •  Go to his profile page (none)
        and look at how many ones he doled out.  Nothing but, and around 30 in one diary.  Look at the specific comments he deemed worthy of a 1.  He's troll-rating for troll rating's sake.

        He troll rated my helpful suggestion that a Kossack commenting to this diary had misspelled a couple of words.

        •  That was a bit surreal -- yeah. (none)
          I got a smile out of your spelling-police comment, and then it got zinged!

          I know you're ticked off, but I actually think he may just have read 'unproductive' too literally.  (Okay, the spelling thing probably is 'unproductive,' as in not adding new information on the armor question, but that's obviously not what the '1' is for.  90% of any discussion is 'unproductive,' when you get down to it, but it shouldn't be troll-rated.)

          I dunno -- have a look at my little exchange with clockwise downthread.  I came away with the belief that it was an honest misunderstanding of how our ratings are supposed to be used.

          The Republican party: An alliance of madness and greed.

          by jem6x on Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 11:41:34 AM PST

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          •  Geez-O-Pete! (none)
            With so many issues revolving around life and death these days, I didn't think a rating on an internet message board would be so stinking important; I meant to harm. Tell me how to fix the ratings I gave and I will.

            I will be more than happy to change the ratings and blow hearts and kitty farts in your general direction!

            (Now, once you are done busting a blood vessel, go back and read this again, and as you do so, imagine me laughing my ass off as you do!)

            Republicans know how to laugh too! ;)

            •  I know.... (none)
              it's amazing how big a deal those little 1's and 4's seem after you've been clicking on them for a while... can't explain it,  but it's true.

              (Anyone can go back to a comment and change the number he or she gave it, btw.)

              The Republican party: An alliance of madness and greed.

              by jem6x on Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 12:45:41 PM PST

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              •  Drat! (none)
                I must be the typical dumb-ass, mean-spirited Conservative because I have been trying to correct what I did, but it is not working! :P

                Ladies and gentlemen, let the record show...


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