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  •  You raise good points but (none)
    I wonder if "liberal" and "conservative" have anything to do with it, either. Perhaps it's because I'm a libertarian or because my time in the Navy was spent under both conservative and liberal presidents, but I often have trouble distinguishing between "liberal" corruption and "conservative" corruption--they generally look a lot alike. They're all taking advantage of a system that is designed to do one thing efficiently (allow politicians to pass out taxpayer money to their friends) and as you point out, one thing that in reality can't be done (change society to "make better humans").

    If you believe this is purely a liberal evil, then I have to ask: since the conservatives are in charge now, what are they doing to fix this? Because they appear more bent on profiting from it than fixing it.

    If I worry about the future, will the future change?--Quai Chang Caine

    by Enjoy Every Sandwich on Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 10:07:58 AM PST

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    •  Oh... (none)
      I will grant you that it is not a problem that only the Liberals own. Of course Conservatives are guilty as well. One wants to funnel money to "big business" because they are capitalists at heart, the other wants to funnel it "to the people" because they are socialists at heart. I just happen to subscribe more to the conservative/capitalist point of view, so I don't view it as harshly. At least I can be honest about it, and not try to pretend to be so altruistic and spend all my time shedding crocodile tears like so many who subscribe to the Liberal philosophy.

      Believe it or not, I like to take a little from the Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian ideals - but I tend to favor the Conservative point of view slightly more than the others; that's all.

      •  Wha ... ? (none)
        One wants to funnel money to "big business" because they are capitalists at heart ...

        What the hell was that?  "Capitalists"?  Uh, no.  That would not be what "capitalist" means, any more than spending taxpayer dollars on the taxpayer is "socialism."  

        They're throwing taxpayer money at their sugar daddies because their sugar daddies made their careers possible.  

        All caught up, now?  Nothing but whores for a class of pampered parasites.  

        This is why up-armoring is being done by a company with no mass-production experience, why pilot training programs are broken up between so many states the USAF just shuttles the pilots to other programs, etc.  Some whore got paid off.  

        It's called "corruption."  If that's your "capitalism," you can keep it.  Personally, I think war profiteers should be taken out and shot.  

        As for conservatism, there are no conservatives any more.  All the conservative principles of smaller, cheaper, limited government and a conservative foriegn policy have been systematically ignored by the last five GOP presidents and the last ten years of a GOP controlled Congress.  

        People dumb enough to think this is "conservatism" are just being exploited by smarter people, and quite frankly, we're sick of you letting us down.  

        •  I know the definitions (none)
          I am just telling it like it is.

          I am not here to try to be Poli-Sci Major - I am a soldier and a warrior who also happens to like politics and loves his country.

          •  Sure you do! You were just 'testing me,' right? (none)
            Cut the crap. You don't know what capitalism is, you don't know what socialism is, you don't know what conservatism is, and you couldn't define liberal if your life depended on it.  

            That's what makes you useful to the people who're just using your dumb ass.  

            This isn't a matter of being a 'poli sci major,' it's called 'not being an idiot.'  Being a 'soldier and a warrior who also happens to like politics and loves his country' doesn't grant you mystical knowledge or a privileged position in arguments you can't handle.  

            That takes work.  You didn't do it, so you don't have it.  You are weak.  

            Therefore, all you can do is recite political rhetoric you don't understand.  I pity you.  You're a slave.  

      •  To me, corruption is corruption (none)
        I'm not inclined to cut a corrupt official any slack just because he pretends to have principles similar to mine. If anything, I hold people in my own "tribe" to a higher standard.

        For some odd reason conservatives don't do that; it's kinda funny given that they are supposedly all about "moral values".

        The GOP is in power now, because they wanted to be. Like my old Chief used to say to me, "Quitcher bitchin'...ya volunteered." So, what are they doing to solve this particular problem? Right, they're pretending it doesn't exist. Very impressive.

        If I worry about the future, will the future change?--Quai Chang Caine

        by Enjoy Every Sandwich on Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 01:03:37 PM PST

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        •  Never claimed to be a Conservative (none)
          So please don't try to pigeon-hole me and then look down your nose at me while you make fun of my "morality".

          I just said that I tend to agree more with Conservatives, but I take some from all.

          Want to call me a political whore?

          Okay, but at least I am real - I don't try to take every single news item and blame it on Democrats (even though I think they are to blame for many things). Maybe some "on our side" would chill out if every time the wind blew it was not a steady case of "Bush Knew!", "Impeach the Shrub!", Bush - pResident of the United States!", "The Boy Blunder!". Look, I had NO love for Clinton, but for the most part I left him alone.

          Perhaps not you personally, but people who think like you have a "hate Bush" fixation that (a) makes them blind to anything but their hate, and (b) makes the rest of the country not want to have to deal with them, because they are seen as lunatics and argumentative whack-jobs. I am not saying you are - I have hung around enough (mostly over the internet) to know that you usually have decent motives and you mean well, we just don't and probably never will understand one another on some subjects. However, other than that, we are the same - we like the same food, the same music, we love, we hurt, we bleed, and we die - all the same.

          How "New Age" of me, eh? ;)

          •  Never called you a conservative (none)
            But I stand by my critique of conservative "values".

            I agree that many of Bush's liberal critics are only against him because he is in the wrong tribe. Their silence during Clinton's unconstitutional war was quite deafening. But regardless of their motives, I often find myself in agreement with their criticisms of Bush.

            Why? Simple. He's in charge. That means he's responsible. And not because anybody forced it on him; he volunteered for it, nay, begged for it. So it's his. That means I'm not interested in any of his damn excuses or his proxies yammering that "Clinton did it too!" Yeah, Clinton probably did do it too, but Bush is president now.

            For me, many of today's debates are simply echoes of debates that raged in the '90s. The "major" parties have simply switched arguments. I do not find either party to be particularly interested in principles.

            If I worry about the future, will the future change?--Quai Chang Caine

            by Enjoy Every Sandwich on Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 01:44:50 PM PST

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