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  •  I asked somebody to check, (none)
    and got this reply:

    For what it is worth, I have new information about the Body Armor rumor.  I am sending this to you because each of you made a post on the [xxxx] reflector and I assume would be interested in the latest information.

    Soldiers can still purchase body armor and get reimbursed for their out of pocket expense.  The Army will start issuing ceramic side plates this year, the Marines started issuing side armor in June 2005 with about 9,000 sets already fielded.  The ceramic plates (a total of 4 1xfront, prepared and 2xside) provide protection up to 7.62.  The total weight of the vest will go now go up to 30lb's.  Combined with a standard load of water,ammo and related equipment that will probably bring the patrolling equipment weight up to about  65lb's.  The Vietnam era FLAX vest weighed 25 lbs and did not even come close to offering this level of protection.

    Between now and 3 October 2006, the Department of the Army will reimburse both current and former Soldiers who purchased body armor and certain other protective, health and safety equipment for use in Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom. Reimbursable equipment includes protective body armor (whether purchased as a complete outer tactical vest (OTV) or as separate components of an OTV), combat helmets, ballistic eye protection, hydration systems, summer weight gloves, and knee and elbow pads. To qualify for reimbursement, the equipment must have been purchased after September 10, 2001, and before August 1, 2004, and all equipment for which reimbursement is sought must be turned into the Army at the time a claim for reimbursement is filed. Claimants who no longer have the equipment must explain in writing why the equipment is unavailable for turn-in.

    • Current active duty or active reserve component Soldiers who seek reimbursement should complete and file a DD Form 2902  with the first field grade commander in the Soldier's current chain of command. With the completed DD Form 2902, the Soldier must provide (i) a copy of proof of deployment (such as deployment orders or a DD Form 214 noting deployment), (ii) copies of all available receipts or other proof of purchase for the items claimed, and (iii) either the available equipment for turn-in or the written explanation of why the equipment in unavailable. Former Soldiers and survivors of deceased Soldiers may file a claim by mailing a completed DD Form 2902, along with the items noted above, directly to the U.S. Army Claims Service (USARCS) at the address provided in block 12 of the DD Form 2902.

    • A claimant who provides proof of purchase will be reimbursed the full purchase price plus shipping costs for each item, up to $1,100 for any single item. If no proof of purchase is provided, the claimant will be reimbursed at a rate pre-established by the Department of the Army for each item of equipment. For example, the Army will pay $551.60 for a complete OTV if no purchase receipt is submitted with the claim. In addition, shipping costs for delivering items to USARCS are compensable and can be noted on the DD Form 2902.

    • Once a claim is filed, the claim will be processed through USARCS for payment by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Claimant will be informed of any deficiencies in their claim, and will be given ample opportunity to correct such deficiencies. Although the claims process has been designed to ensure rapid settlement and payment of claims, potential claimants should not wait too long to file claims, as all claims must be filed by 3 October 2006.

    • More information on the body armor and protective equipment reimbursement program - including a printable DD Form 2902 and a list of reimbursable items together with the pre-established compensation rates - can be found by accessing , and selecting the U.S. Army Claims Service link under the "Client Services and Links" section. Claimants or commanders can also contact MAJ Paul Cucuzzella, Project Officer, USARCS, at paul.cucuzzella [at] or at (301) 677-7009 ext. 431, with any questions concerning this program or for additional information.

    I do not plan to spend any more information on the subject, so I won't be bothering any of you with additional email.  Feel free to pass this information on to others as necessary.  I hope this provides you some piece of mind.  Of course if you have questions I will try to provide you and informed reply.

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    by condoleaser on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 09:31:24 AM PST

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