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View Diary: John Shadegg: The National GOP's Jodi Rell? (13 comments)

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  •  Gingrich (none)
    My understanding of Shadegg is that he's a lot close to the Newt Gingrich destroy-social-programs school of thought, and that he is somewhat less corrupt than Blunt and Boehner.  This may actually be better for Democrats -- if there's one thing the last dozen years have shown, it's Republicans are in for a world of hurt if they try to kill much-loved social programs.  Gingrich is the classic case, and the failure of Social Security Privatization is part of the story too.  

    Even if they fail on Alito, a second Gingrich is exactly the kind of foe Democrats know how to beat.

    •  Perhaps That's True..... (none)
      There doesn't seem to be too much support for further cutting social programs while passing tax cuts for millionaires.  If Shadegg (assuming he's elected) aggressively pursues an agenda of cutting social programs, it could negate the "reformer with results" reputation I fear he'll be able to achieve.  But given this is an election year, I expect Shadegg won't play that card before November 7.  He'll follow the Bush lead of saying he has no plans to privatize Social Security until the morning after he wins the election.

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