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View Diary: John Shadegg: The National GOP's Jodi Rell? (13 comments)

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  •  Like I Said.... (none)
    ....they'll figure out the loopholes to the newly-crafted reform measures before the ink is dry on the bill.  The GOP probably does not want to stop being corrupt, but they certainly want the public to think they want to stop being corrupt.  The ascendancy of Shadegg and the media attention lavished upon him could become an extremely useful asset to that end.
    •  true, but we have a loophole too (none)
      I seem to recall quite a few retirees residing in Arizona. As Plan D rolls through the year, Dems will be smart to remind people Republicans Arm Twisted it into passing. In short, even if Shaggy dog wins the coveted spot, he still has to run for re-election every two years. As do all of them. This is the loophole, We the People have if we use it.

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